The ELS Paris Association

Our ELS association in Paris is not old, but it is growing, in members and as well as in projects! Our main goal is to make the study in Paris easier and more enjoyable.

We promote the group spirit in the program through different occasions. We like to reunite each year for a Christmas party in a pub and a Secret Santa. The next project is to organize a weekend at the start of the school year, to get to know each other and enjoy before the rush of university. We have also implemented a sponsorship system between the students of the program: each new student has an older sponsor to help him settle in at school and with the work. The system also works with foreign students that need someone to help them understand the class system in Paris II and the new methods.

Thanks to the help of the European Law School Association that provides us with a large network, we were able to organize several interesting meetings. We host people from different professions for “Brown Bag Lunches” where they talk about their carrier path, and we get to ask them questions around a drink and some food. There is at least one BBL each semester and we are working on increasing this number!

In addition to that, we have had the chance to organize larger events with big international law firms. Last year was held a forum at Linklaters Paris to discuss the European Law School and the Program amongst students from all four countries, hosted by a competition lawyer. At the beginning of the school year, the firm CMS Francis Lefebvre welcomed us for an eloquence contest in French and German.

How does the association work?

As a student of the program, you have to pay a 10 € membership fee to be part of the Assembly. Then you can volunteer as a member of the board to participate in projects and elect the Bureau. It has the President, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer and a secretary responsible for the communication with foreign associations.

So come to work on those projects with us!