Administrative Formalities

For EU citizens, no visa or other document is needed to come and stay in France. You can however choose to inform your embassy about your stay in France. You automatically benefit from the French medical insurance but it is better to have the European Health Insurance Card.

You can apply for financial support for your accommodation (APL, Aide pour le logement) by the CAF (Caisse d’allocation familiale). This aid is given based on your resources. All can be done online at this website:

On the contrary, the “taxe d’habitation” is due by every occupant of a flat or a house at the 1st of January. Normally the owner of your flat will declare that you are living in his flat or house and the state will contact you when you have to pay.

To go around the city, the best way is to use public transportation (bus, metro, RER, tramway). You can buy tickets but if you use them everyday, the cheapest thing is the “Imagin’R” pass. This is a one-year subscription card available for students. You can use it to travel in the whole the Paris region, not only in the city itself. In order to eget it, you will need an address in Paris and the “certificat de scolarité”, which you will receive after the “inscription administrative” (see below).

Moreover, for some of the formalities, you will need a “photographie d’identité”, which is a photo of your face. You should print a dozen of these and bring them with you, it will make things easier for you.

Formalities by the university

At the Paris 2 university, the registration for the courses is done in two steps and only through a specific website. The two steps are the following:

For more information you can consult the guide that the university publishes every year at

The website to register for sport is: There are two ways to practice sports:

The registration requires you to have a recent medical certificate (that probably must also be in French or translated in French). You can find a model of medical certificate and more information here: